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Leveraging citizen’s voices can become the catalysts for government, private sector and other stakeholders’ action regarding fourth sector development, so it’s important to generate widespread understanding and knowledge on the need for systemic reform and draw attention to fourth sector development as a pathway to social and economic recovery that creates a resilient, purpose-first post-COVID economy.

Specific actions that citizens can take to enhance the space for the fourth sector are as follows:

1. Buy for-benefit!

2. Vote for-benefit!

3. Invest for-benefit!

4. Adopt ‘fourth sector thinking’ to orient daily actions in all the capacities we make choices, prioritizing social and environmental good.

5. Share your knowledge and experience with for-benefits and the fourth sector with your community.

6. Start or get involved in an initiative that is helping to grow the fourth sector and its supportive ecosystem.

7. Advocate and raise your voice for governments to take on fourth sector development as a priority in COVID-19 recovery efforts.

8. Push for governments to support the develop of the necessary supportive ecosystem elements for the fourth sector to thrive (like access to aligned capital, education and training, and accounting and metrics).

9. Invite and inspire others to adopt a “fourth sector thinking”

10.Get involved in this effort!


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