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Fourth Sector 2030

Fourth Sector 2030

The Fourth Sector 2030 (FS 2030) initiative is a global, multi-stakeholder effort to drive achievement of the Global Goals for sustainable development. FS 2030 aims to accelerate the development of an enabling ecosystem for purpose-driven, for-benefit businesses — the emerging fourth sector of the economy.

In collaboration with a range of partners, and with support from the UK Department for International Development (DFID), we are engaging stakeholders from the private sector, governments, inter-governmental organizations, communities, academia, civil society, philanthropy, and the fourth sector to establish a growing reservoir of knowledge, tools, and approaches for releasing the potential of for-benefit enterprise to deliver solutions across the entire range of SDGs.

FS 2030 serves as a platform for collective leadership and action to advance the following strategic priorities globally:
1. Enhance knowledge and raise awareness about for-benefit enterprises and the fourth sector.
2. Develop more enabling policy and regulatory environments for the fourth sector.
3. Promote new business and investment models that are aligned with for-benefit enterprises.
4. Increase educational and training opportunities for fourth sector practitioners and leaders.
5. Increase the flow of resources toward fourth sector development.
6. Develop local and regional hubs to foster collaboration and accelerate fourth sector development in communities.

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