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Buy For-Benefit Coalition

Buy For-Benefit Coalition

During the World Economic Forum’s 2019 Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, leaders gathered to kick off a year of consultations aimed at building a cross-sector alliance of pioneering organizations committed to shifting $100+ billion in corporate procurement preferences towards inclusive, sustainable for-benefit businesses.

Over the past year, the Buy For-Benefit Coalition has rapidly become a growing community of collaborators from business, government, civil society academia, advisory firms, standards setting bodies, financial institutions, and business networks.

During this development phase of the Coalition, partners have been collaborating to develop tools, know-how and mechanisms required to make the vision of for-benefit value chains actionable.
The Coalition is a collaborative global platform offering a roadmap, tools, support, and other resources to assist and guide organizations along their journey to transition their value chains from traditional, profit-centered business models to more purpose-driven, for-benefit alternatives.

Our mission is to advance more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable economies by putting purpose in global value chains. We envision a world where businesses, which hold trillions of dollars in purchasing power, deliberately choose to partner with for-benefit enterprises across their value chains. This commitment to a for-benefit procurement preference is a tangible and catalytic way for organizations to demonstrate purpose, benefit all their stakeholders, and become a steward of real sustainable development.


“The thesis here is not to try to stand on our own, but to take this wonderful idea, and translate the theory of for-benefit capitalism and a for-benefit economy, into something incredibly practical, and really measurable - we can actually do the numbers here... I think it is something that is incredibly scalable, and intensely practical”

- Jeremy Oppenheim,

Managing Partner, SYSTEMIQ

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