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Skin care, hair care, fragrances.



Natura is the first publicly traded B Corp, focusing on beauty and personal care products. It was founded in 1969 in Brazil and it's the parent company of the Natura & Co holding group — which includes three other key players in the beauty industry: Aesop, Avon and The Body Shop.

Natura distributes more than 2,000 products across eight segments: fragrances, cosmetics, skin treatments, sun creams, hair care, soap and body washes, deodorants, and shaving creams. Their manufacturing commitments include 100% vegan products made from natural origin ingredients from the Amazon forest, without any animal testing practices, packaged in sustainable containers and under a neutral carbon footprint.

In its 2050 Sustainability Vision report, the company committed itself to "generating positive, economic, social, environment, and cultural impacts, delivering value to our entire relationship network across the businesses, brands, and geographies in which we operate by means of our products, services, and sales channels." And they measure their impact across three pillars: (1) how their products are produced, (2) their network of consumers, employees, consultants and communities, and (3) their organizational governance and management.

Natura's manufacturing practices are driven by the primacy of purpose to generate benefits for the community, their stakeholders and the planet. They have adhered to numerous certifications and standards to both safeguard and promote their sustainable practices.

Natura considers its supply chain integral to its mission and is committed to driving positive social and environmental impacts across their suppliers and manufacturers. The main impacts of Natura's production model are concentrated in the extraction and production of ingredients and packaging, followed by the use phase that demands water and energy for rinse-off products, ending with the post-consumer phase of disposal and waste management issues.


On March 25th, Reuters reported on a Natura internal memo that announced to team members that they would temporarily convert all of their makeup and fragrance manufacturing lines in Latin America to produce personal hygiene products, such as hand sanitizer, to address the on-going health crisis due to COVID-19.

The conglomerate has made the commitment to retain all 40,000 team members for 60 day, while freezing salaries and promotions, and limiting hiring to critical positions during the same time. Additionally, they have set up new terms for their independent consultants and have created credit lines to assist them and their families during the crisis.

Natura & Co has launched the #IsolatedNotAlone initiative in the face of rising domestic violence during the crisis. Their initiative includes an open letter to governments to bring light to the situation, recommend actions, and highlight the work they have been doing with other partners. This includes a one million dollar donation to domestic violence support groups around the world, donating essential personal care packages to shelters, and raising awareness through social media, using the #IsolatedNotAlone hashtag.


Brazil headquarters with locations in 73 countries around the world.




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