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Multilaterals & International Organizations

Multilaterals and international organizations are in a unique position to support the development of the fourth sector due to their regional and global knowledge, as well as their work with a myriad of stakeholders to stand up for policies and actions that drive prosperity for all and benefit the planet.

As trusted partners for governments, this position should be leveraged to ensure the necessary standards and principles of integrity are upheld during every part of the design and implementation process for policy and other key supportive ecosystem development efforts.

Specific actions that multilaterals and international organizations can take to enhance the space for the fourth sector are as follows:

1. Inclusion of for-benefit enterprises and fourth sector development as part of the multilateral agenda.

2. Take part in the development and validation of international standards that help identify, support, and uphold the integrity of for-benefit enterprises and their supportive ecosystem.

3. Contribute with the development of monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.

4. Promote cross-sector collaboration and the global recognition of for-benefit enterprises.

5. Develop on the ground and real time knowledge about for-benefit enterprises.

6. Promote efforts that help map the fourth sector regionally and globally.

7. Develop methodologies for monitoring the maturity levels of different countries and/ or industries regarding fourth sector development.

8. Compile best practices and lessons learned at the global, regional and country levels.

9. Facilitate, support, and take part in experience and knowledge exchange among countries regarding the fourth sector development efforts, pilots, etc.

10.Create contests and funding opportunities for stakeholders advancing fourth sector development objectives and for-benefit enterprises, especially those directly solving issues related to the social and economic distress caused by COVID-19.

Multilaterals & International Organizations

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