"To provide access to affordable and sustainable sanitary items for all women in New Zealand." Dignity uses the "buy one, give one" approach where for every product they sell, they give to those lacking access that may cause them to pass up on their education or work.


Feminine Hygiene


Women sanitary products


Women in the workplace and schools


Through their "buy one, give one" initiative they aim to provide companies and schools to supply women of period products, who may lack access to them. For every amount Dignity has sold to these organizations they give as much to schools, youth and community organizations. They support a total of 130 schools, youth organizations, and women's support services across New Zealand. Dignity is a Certified B Corporation company.

They acknowledge that women in New Zealand spends 30% of their time in the workplace and there has been a gap for a well-being initiative in the workplace to support the needs of women. What started as a business to provide a monthly subscription to women has now turned to include providing businesses with feminine hygiene products for their female employees. They believe that businesses who have partnered up with them has greatly enhanced their progressive and inclusive benefits for women.


Due to the lockdown orders in New Zealand, Dignity has halted greatly due to the slowed down of the demand of their products in the workplace. They have launched the "Give 2" initiative encouraging customers to continue to support them so they can continue to provide their products to those most in need during this pandemic.


Wellington, New Zealand




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